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Set of services on organisation of business and provision of functioning enterprises (secretarial services)
Services on organisation and arrangement of sessions, conferences, meetings of companies
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Representing your interests, the specialists of the Business Centre will provide the strict compliance with all the provisions of the current laws with respect to initiation, convocation and holding the meeting of shareholders (members), execute appropriately the resulting materials and, if necessary, achieve execution of resolutions adopted by the meeting in the court, providing the reliable protection of your rights.

Your shareholder rights are violated, director fails to observe the resolutions of the meeting. As the first step in protection of your interests, the law regulates the procedure for convocation of the meeting of shareholders with your initiative. Realisation of this right is related to numerous problems: where to meet, how to observe all the requirements of the current laws, how to execute the results correctly. Our lawyers are ready to help you in solution of these problems.

  • Organisation and arrangement of sessions and meetings of collective executive bodies of joint-stock companies and limited liability companies.
  • Representation of interests of shareholders and members in the meeting.
  • Convocation, preparation and arrangement of general meetings of joint-stock companies and limited liability companies, in accordance with the current laws of Russian Federation.
  • Initiation of the procedure for convocation of the meeting, preparation and substantiation of the agenda.
  • Preparation of information materials for the meeting, providing these documents for reading.
  • Notification of the members with respect to holding the meeting.
  • Organisation for registration of the members, drafting the regulations of the meeting, keeping stenographic record.
  • Current legal consulting with respect to the procedure of the meeting and matters in the agenda.
  • Execution of the results of the meeting and circulation thereof to the persons whom it may concern.


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