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Kalita Audit Limited Liability Company has been working in the Russian market of auditing services since 1997 (Certificate No. 657.757 dated October 15, 1997 issued by the Moscow Registration Chamber).

Kalita Audit Limited Liability Company has got Licence No. 000047 dated June 07, 1999 with the right to carry out business in the field of general audit from the Russian Federation Ministry of Finance.

The audits are executed by the leading specialists of the Company, who have got the individual qualifying certificates with the right to carry out auditing business.

Ms. Olga Stanislavovna Mishchenko, the General Director of Kalita Audit Limited Liability Company, has got Auditor's Qualifying Certificate No. 020332 dated January 26, 1998 with the right to carry out business in the field of general audit (term of certificate prolonged up to December 25, 2003).

The timely conducted audit will enable to correct the mistakes of financial and tax accounting and to avoid any penalty sanctions.

Upon completion of the audit, the client is provided with the auditor's opinion as well as with the report with the detailed description of any mistakes, which may be discovered as a result of audit, and recommendations.

The specific feature of the specialists of Kalita Audit Limited Liability Company is that, in the own activities, with respect to the client specifications, they can apply three approaches to analysis of financial and accounting business.

  1. From the positions of the governmental controlling authorities, where the audit discovers non-compliance of accounting with the position of the tax authorities. As a rule, the given approach is the most conservative.
  2. From the positions of the current laws. As a rule, the given approach enables the enterprise to gain a significant economic effect. The difference between these approaches corresponds to the fact that about 80 per cent of conflicts with the tax authorities is settled in favour of the taxpayer (Law). The collaboration with highly qualified lawyers from Kalita Legal Consulting Company (Closed Joint-Stock Company) provides a rather higher percentage of conflicts settled in favour of taxpayers.
  3. From the positions of the members (owners) of enterprises. As a rule, the interests of the members (owners) of enterprises and directors (managers) of enterprises are different. Our specialists can reveal and prevent the actions of those directors, who cause damage to the interests of owners.

Audits of enterprises of any legal organisation forms

The set of services includes the following elements:

  • preliminary expertise;
  • audit;
  • providing consultations in the course of audit;
  • recommendations for correction of mistakes;
  • auditor's report;
  • auditor's opinion.

Expertise of accounting and trustworthiness of statements

Organisation, provision and restoration of accounting

Our specialists are ready to undertake all the efforts in order to keep and restore accounting.

The set of services includes the following elements:

  • correction of accounting in accordance with the requirements of the current laws of Russian Federation; drafting working plan of accounts and standard operations;
  • clear organisation of document circulation;
  • accurate recording the business results of enterprise in reports;
  • timely submission of statements to the governmental authorities;
  • consultations in the course of work; operative provision of information required to make administrative decisions.

Tax planning, consulting on taxation

  • optimising taxation;
  • legal reduction of tax payments with application of permitted facilities and other legal means, careful consideration of legal and financial documentation for each operation, in order to exclude any claims, which may arise from the part of the controlling authorities;
  • tax arbitration;
  • tax conflicts.

Financial and economic analysis

  • legal economic analysis of enterprise business;
  • financial analysis;
  • forecasting financial condition of enterprise;
  • consultations on the problems of investments.


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