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Our Company has been providing the given services since 1997. We have received the permissions for replanning over 300 premises.

Registration of apartment replanning

Registration of apartment replanning means the permission to be received for replanning from the Interdepartmental Commission with further alteration of the stage plan with the Technical Inventory Bureau.

The necessity to receive the permission for replanning is determined by the Moscow City Act dated September 29, 1999. Thus you will avoid the problems of sale, exchange and heritage of your apartment under the control of the state authorities.

Procedure for receiving the initial permitting documentation:

1. Receiving state plan.

2. Receiving draft project (from designer or principal).

3. Receiving technical statement and project.

4. Further approval of the project with:

  • State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Authority;
  • State Fire Supervision Authority;
  • Architectural Planning Department;
  • Balance Holder;
  • Moscow City Gas Supervision Authority;
  • Housing Inspection (additional documents may be requested).

The process of receiving the initial permitting documentation takes approximately two months, documents are considered in the Interdepartmental Commission for about one month.

These terms may be prolonged if the client has the own intentions or acts against the law.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the apartment purchase and sale contract must be registered with the competent authority (Housing Maintenance Office, Board of Cooperative, etc.), otherwise it is impossible to receive the statement of the housing register and personal financial account.

It is also necessary to receive the application with the consent for replanning from all the adult persons residing in the given apartment.

Our Company will provide you with the services on your request:

  • to receive technical statement and apartment replanning project;
  • to receive permitting documentation;
  • to register new stage plan with the Technical Inventory Office;
  • to register documents for association of apartments with further association of personal financial accounts.

The price of our services is determined by the complexity of replanning and is equal, at average, from 2,000 to 3,000 US dollars.

Please mind!

In order to avoid problems, it is necessary to employ a licensed building company.

For work of the building company, it is necessary to execute the act with the chief engineer with respect to the conditions of apartments over and under by one level.


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