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Requirements determined for the vacancy:

Age: 18 to 35 years

Education: higher education in law

Experience of work: over 1 year

Registered residence: Moscow City, Moscow Region; registration for persons from other cities

Professional skills: knowledge of law, practice of conducting cases in the Court of Arbitration

PC skills: experienced user (Word, Excell, Consultant Plus)

Monthly salary level: over 9000 roubles

Schedule of work: 09:00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.; days off: Saturday, Sunday

Functional duties:

  • Drafting and participation in drafting documents of legal nature: claims, complaints, substantiated answers to rejected claims.
  • Investigation, analysis, and generalisation of results from consideration of claims, judicial and arbitration cases, practice in conclusion and execution of business contracts in order to draft the relevant proposals for elimination of discovered defects.
  • Participation in drafting and conclusion of business contracts, provision of their legal expertise.
  • Participation in drafting statements on legal problems arising in the course of business, draft regulatory acts received for answer.
  • Participation in court sessions.


  • Work on interesting projects and applications from the legal point of view.
  • Gaining experience of work in legal consulting company.
  • Opportunity of promotion to official career with corresponding increase in salary.


  • Sufficiently large volume of works.
  • Probable business trips and visiting events in the course of execution of orders.
  • Work under supervision of the subdivision manager and higher administration.

Assistant Lawyer
Assistant Accountant


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