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Requirements determined for the vacancy:

Age: 18 to 35 years

Education: special finished or unfinished higher education

Experience of work: experience of work over 1 year

Registered residence: Moscow City, Moscow Region; registration for persons from other cities

Professional skills: mini ATS, office documentation, typewriting, office appliances

PC skills: experienced user (Word, Excell, Internet, E-mail)

Monthly salary level: over 6000 roubles

Schedule of work: 10:00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.; days off: Saturday, Sunday

Functional duties:

  • Work on organisational and technical provision of administrative and regulatory activities of the manager.
  • Acceptance of correspondence submitted for consideration to the manager, transmission thereof in accordance with the made decision to structural subdivisions or certain officers for use in the course of work.
  • Keeping documentation, execution of any operations with computer applications designed for collection, processing and submission of information in preparation and making decisions (registration of in-going, outgoing documentation, electronic correspondence, formation of files in accordance with approved nomenclature, provision of their security and transmission to the archives within the prescribed terms.
  • Acceptance of documents and personal applications to be signed by the manager.
  • Acceptance of telephone calls received to the address of the officers of organisation.
  • Telephone connection to clients and partners on instruction of managers of subdivisions.
  • Preparation of documents and materials required for work of the manager.
  • Control over timely consideration of documents given by structural subdivisions or certain officers to the manager for signature, provision of high-quality editing.
  • Organisation of holding telephone negotiations for the manager, record of received information in his absence and giving then this information to him, transmission and acceptance of information by receivers and calling systems (fax, telex, etc.), as well as acceptance of messages by telephone, timely transmission of information received through communication channels.
  • Writing letters, requests on instruction of the manager, printing official materials required for work or adding current information from other documents to the data bank.
  • Control over the company employees in execution of given orders and instructions, as well as compliance with the terms for execution of orders and instructions given by the director and taken under control.
  • Secretary as office hostess: provision of necessary office appliances, stationery, household goods.
  • Organisation of reception of visitors, promotion to operative consideration of applications and proposals given by the employees.
  • Execution of special official orders given by the direct supervisor.


  • Good experience of work as a secretary of manager.
  • Experience in keeping documents, in particular, as a lawyer.
  • Opportunity of promotion of official career with corresponding increase in salary.
  • Acquaintance with business technologies of legal consulting company.


  • Busy working day.
  • Large volume of correspondence and telephone calls.
  • Large part of routine work.

Assistant Lawyer
Assistant Accountant


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