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Legal economic expertise of companies and holdings business. Consultations on problems of investments
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At the present time, there is a great number of realty objects, which were removed from turnover by virtue of any problems of their legal status.

Major stages of realisation

1. Comprehensive legal expertise.

  • Expertise of legal status of realty object.
  • Expertise of legal status of legal entities, which have rights for the given objects, with analysis of financial position, execution of audit, etc.
  • Analysis of conflicts with legal analysis of substantiated positions of parties and probable versions in their development and settlement.
  • Analysis of risks, including those related to business of opponents or other competitors.
  • Proposals for drafting projects, concepts, draft project in some cases.
  • Express value estimations.

2. Drafting project for acquisition of realty object and elimination of problems in the legal status thereof.

  • Drafting scheme of acquisition.
  • Drafting document turnover under the given scheme.
  • Plan of measures for settlement of conflicts, opposition to competitors, etc. (necessity of judicial procedures).
  • Plan of measures for settlement of problems in legal status.
  • Plan of measures for financial rehabilitation, restructuring, etc., with respect to the nature of project.

    Comments: at the given stage, if necessary, the project budget is drafted together with the graphic plan for realisation thereof.
  • 3. Realisation of project and legal support thereto, correction of project if necessary.

    4. Completion of project, execution of final documentation, transfer of documents and materials for realisation of current business or sale.

    Sources of problematic realty:

    1. Lack of right certifying documents.
    2. Conflicts in determination of property rights, placement of property in illegal holding of another person.
    3. Insolvency of enterprise.
    4. Encumbrance with investment provisions (which cannot be fulfilled).
    5. Encumbrance with pledge.
    6. Conflicts between members of legal entity, which owns realty.
    7. Lack of finance, experience of maintenance and administration of realty and, as a result, unsatisfactory condition thereof.
    8. Realty held by enterprise on lease with right of redemption but it is not redeemed due to the lack of money.

    As a rule, several factors may take place simultaneously with respect to the same problematic realty object.

    On the whole, investments to problematic realty are characterised with high risks, but these high risks correspond to high economic effect.

    The operations with such objects are laborious, they require qualified legal support and, in some cases, take several years.

    In the course of realisation of projects, stable partnership relations have been formed with the organisations, which deal to some extent in the realty market: realtor companies, construction and reconstruction companies, commercial structures, etc., that enables to minimise the project costs upon achievement of the maximum efficiency.

    The combination of created legal economic technologies in operations with the «problematic» realty with the financial resources of investors enables not only to reduce the risks of investment projects but also to improve their financial efficiency.

    Project terms from six months to three years.


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