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Legal economic expertise of companies and holdings business. Consultations on problems of investments
Acquisition of property complex
Support to projects on creation and reformation of holdings. Creation of new structures
Organisation of business in the market of «problematic» realty
Anticrisis management, business administration (delegation of executive body functions to managing company)


The object of this expertise is a special field in the investment business with the independent goal, hereinafter referred to as the «Investment Project».

The goal of this expertise is to provide the client with the full and trustworthy information about the legal risks, which may arise in realisation of any Investment Project.

This expertise of each Investment Project, as a rule (but without limiting the generality), consists of the following services:

1. Complex legal expertise of initial information:

  • Expertise of legal status of property complex.
  • Expertise of legal status of legal entities, which hold the rights for the given objects, with analysis of financial condition, audit (if necessary to be conducted), etc.
  • Analysis of conflicts with legal analysis of grounds in positions of the counterparts and potential scenario for development and settlement thereof.
  • Analysis of risks, including those related to business of competitors or other opponents.
  • Proposals to draft the project or concept; in some cases, draft project to repair defects and transfer rights.
  • Pricing express estimates.

2. Drafting projects for correction of defects in initial legal status of objects and subjects of the Investment Project and settlement of legal problems in realisation of the Investment Project.

  • Drafting the scheme for acquisition of rights in the Investment Project.
  • Drafting the document circulation under the given scheme.
  • Plan of measures to settle conflicts, to compete against opponents, including the necessity of judicial procedures.
  • Plan of measures to settle the problems of legal status.
  • Plan of measures for financial improvement, restructuring, etc., with respect to nature of the project.

Comments. At the given stage, if necessary, the project budget will be drafted (with respect to legal consulting services) and time schedule for realisation thereof. The client will reserve the right to reduce the volumes of expertise or, if approved with the agent, to include additional items therein.

Ms. Valentina Viktorovna Treneva and Ms. Olga Borisovna Kuzmicheva
Telephones: 237-55-46, 237-20-80

Price of economic and legal expertise for investment projects of client

The price of expertise is determined on the basis of two principles:

1. Hour rates of leading experts:

No. Experts Price (including value-added tax and other similar taxes), $
1. Firm Partner 350
2. Junior Partner, Top Manager 250 to 300
3. Subdivision Manager, Senior Expert 150 to 200
4. Lawyer, expert 100

2. Labour rates for expertise, taking into consideration the Firm practice:

A standard expertise price is 2400 US dollars (one legal entity with one investment project).

Further, taking into consideration the client problems, the coefficient of project complexity (1.5, 2, 3) will be applied to determine the price of expertise to be conducted.


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