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Kalita Legal Consulting Company (Closed Joint-Stock Company) has been working in the market of legal consulting services since 1991.

From 1991 to 1995, it was the Legal Services Department of Kalita Multiprofile Company (Closed Joint-Stock Company), and since 1995 it has been existing as the independent company created on this basis (Certificate No. 653.868 dated April 24, 1995 issued by the Moscow Registration Chamber).

Kalita Legal Consulting Company (Closed Joint-Stock Company) has got Licence No. 004152 dated April 24, 2002 to carry out appraising business, issued by the Russian Federation Ministry of Property Relations.

Ms. Elena Yurievna Klimova is the General Director of Kalita Legal Consulting Company (Closed Joint-Stock Company).

The Company provides the full range of services to provide business and legal economic support to projects.

The legal consulting services provided by our Company may be complex or single. In any case, we are happy to see you in the number of our clients.

A strong aspect in our business, which enables us to achieve success in protection of the client interest, is considered by our specialists as the excellent knowledge not only of the letter of Law but also of the general structural principles of legislation, compliance or non-compliance of the special provisions in the legal acts with the constitutional standards.

Thus, for example, our specialists provided protection of the client interests by initiating consideration of the problem of non-compliance of the special sections of the Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Act with the Constitution of Russian Federation.

We should note that successful realisation of the projects with the term over one year is promoted by the techniques of planning and analysis created by the Company that provides, at the initial stage, to work out all kinds of versions in the course of the project and to avoid further mistakes in realisation thereof, and to achieve success at the minimum costs in the shortest time even in unfavourable conditions.


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